Opening the Minds of People of Different Religions

We are one world that suffers from a host of problems. And where do these problems come from? DISCRIMINATION. We are a nation divided into different religions, cultures, races, and color. While there is no stopping us from choosing our beliefs and practicing our culture, there should always be diversity in the different nationalities around the world. This will help bring peace, to find a common ground between our differences, and to solve problems through what we think is best for ALL of us.


Unfortunately, we suffer from stereotypes and judgment, and no one can be saved from that. No matter the religion or nationality we are, we face teases and judgment because of the lack of knowledge people have in another religion or culture. One-minded people can only stick to one opinion and refuse to move, no matter how much we try to unite.

And without the open-mindedness of other people, we will only stick to one solution that no one agrees with. WIth only one or a few parties agreeing instead of the whole bunch, we will never have peace and diversity, continuing to suffer from the problems the whole world faces, such as war, starvation, poverty, and discrimination.


So, how can we solve all that? Through opening the minds of people, of course! How do we open the minds of people? Through teaching them about the world, not only in history or country facts, but to teach them all about the different religions and cultures. Once we teach everyone around the world about their own culture and others as well, they will soon open their eyes to how other religions and nationalities see the world.

Once we open our eyes to the different perspectives, we will soon learn that there are different solutions we can suggest that would benefit the WHOLE world. We will also be able to break the barriers and stereotypes, soon living in a world without judgment. And lastly, we will be able to achieve a path to a better word through straight and friendly communication, without the guns and without the fights.


We will not be able to fully educate the people without the help of those who are passionate to raise awareness of their own religion and race. So we urge the people to be proud and take a stand towards what they believe in.